What's the difference between Face Oil, Face Lotion and Face & Eye Cream?

    • Face Oil: a light-texture oil that tightens and lifts the skin

    • Face Lotion: a basic skin care for everyday use to prevent aging

  • Face & Eye Cream: an anti-aging product that reduces fine lines and wrinkles

    If the stratum corneum is properly hydrated, the skin will be able to keep water and the skin barrier is built up. If you want to improve skin elasticity, you must know the importance of oil in the skincare routine. In fact, the stratum corneum is hydrophobic, so oil-based products are easier to be absorbed by the skin. The most ideal skincare routine for a balanced skin is to keep the skin hydrated with oil and water. Therefore, we suggest mixing oil with lotion. People with oily skin often think that they can’t use oil, so they would use toner for hydration. However, with only lotion or oil, the skin can’t lock in moisture and the situation of oil secretion goes worse. People with oily skin type should moisturize first then do oil control. This kind of light oil skincare can restore skin to its previous balanced state.