How to use Face Oil, Face Lotion and Face & Eye Cream?

Skincare routine: makeup remover> Revitalizing Toner> masks> (Neroli Brightening Serum)> Face Oil and Face Lotion/Face & Eye Cream

  • Mixing the lotion and oil: mix three pumps of Face Lotion ( or one spoon full of Face & Eye Cream) and 3 to 5 drops of Face Oil The proportion suggested is in the above chart.

  • Use your full palm: cover your face with the product using your whole palm, if you apply it with fingers may result in an uneven application!

  • Change the proportion freely: if it gets hot, you can add less oil; if your skin feels dry or you are in dry areas, you can add more oil for richness

  • It’s good to use separately: When you mix it, the texture is lighter and if you put it on separately, the texture is richer. For those who have super dry skin, you can put Face Oil first and later put on Face & Eye Cream 1 minute later.