How to Tackle Skin Problems During Travel?

Our skin might experience outbursts of irritations while traveling due to plenty of reasons: lack of acclimatization, different time zones, exposures under the sun, and greasy food etc. We definitely do not want these discomforts to destroy our travel plans! So how should we take care of our skin during our trips? Inna Organic has some useful yet simple solutions for the common skin problems that tend to happen on the go.

Common Skin Problems While Travelling

1. Allergies

Traveling to new places also brings forth the uncertainty of new climates and new allergens that might come into play. Equipping yourself with our Frankincense Revitalizing Face Lotion and Rose Geranium Soothing Facial Mask helps stabilize your skin condition, build better immunity towards external factors, and alleviate itchiness caused by dryness and rashes.

2. Pimples

Traveling often means disruptions to your usual routine, overlay it with the increased opportunities of trying new food or over-eating, it’s no wonder these are periods that pimples tend to appear. Times like this call for our Skin Purifying Cleansing Gel to get rid of oil particles that cause pore blockage. Pair it with the Lemon-Scented Tea Tree Mattifying Facial Mask for elevated oil-control, pimple elimination.

3. Sunburn

Be it summer beach trips or winter ski trips, it’s hard to stay out of the sun during holidays while you’re loading up on that much needed Vitamin D! However, doctors do recommend the usage of sunblock lotion, as well as avoidance of direct sunlight especially during mid-day. We recommend the usage of our Rose Geranium Soothing Facial Mask paired with Frankincense Revitalizing Face Lotion and Frankincense Revitalizing Face Oil.

4. Fatigue

It is common not to sleep well or long enough during traveling, and our skin texture becomes less smooth and radiant. To quickly boost your skin condition, Myrrh Deep Moisturizing Facial Mask paired with Frankincense Revitalizing Face Lotion and Frankincense Revitalizing Face Oil will be the best combination to replenish hydration and keep your skin healthy with its natural glow!

*BONUS: An Easy and Effective In Flight Skincare Method, click here.

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