An Easy and Effective In Flight Skincare Method

Traveling on flights pose quite a few discomforts - in addition to the interruption of turbulence and jet lag, low humidity and low air pressure within the cabin environment also cause physical discomforts. Being stuck in a narrow seat and an enclosed cabin for long durations also increases the chances of skin dehydration, as the in-flight humidity is on par to desert dryness! In environments like this, the fastest way to replenish skin hydration is to throw on a facial mask with concentrated serum to restore your glow!

The average humidity in the United States is about 50-60%, while only 10-20% in the desert. The humidity of high-altitude air in-flight is also around 10-20%, sometimes even dropping close to 0%! Due to the dry air in flight cabins, your eyes, nose, and throat often experience dryness, so does your skin. Hence, it is highly recommended to drink more water in-flight and pay attention to skin moisturizing, to ensure that fine lines and dry/flaky skin do not surface.

"Masking is the most efficient way to get your skin hydrated."

The dry air on a plane does cause harm to the skin. Especially on long-distance flights, make it a point to complete a full routine to ensure your skin remains moisturized. The magic of hydrating your skin through face masking comes from the isolation of your skin from the external environment. Once the mask is in place, it creates a closed environment, which also increases the temperature naturally from your body temperature, this opens up your skin pores expand and enhances absorbency. This process force-feeds the skin an intensive amount of nutrients in a very short period of time (normally within 10 minutes). That is why our users love to mask in-flight to replenish skin moisturization.

* Kind Reminder: We highly recommend removing the mask while it’s still damp with serum. DO NOT leave it on until it dries out. If the mask stays on your face for too long and dries out, the dry air sucks out the skin’s moisture again. After removing it, quickly apply your favorite moisturizers to lock in the hydration.

Inna Organic’s Recommendation for In-flight Masking

To deal with the dry and enclosed environment in a flight cabin, our top choice is definitely the Myrrh Deep Moisturizing Facial Mask. It provides long-lasting moisturization powered by the rich organic myrrh essential oil, it also has the ability to detoxify our skin, isolating it from dust and dirt. Another great option for sensitive skin will be the Rose Geranium Skin Soothing Facial Mask – rich in botanical extracts, it can effectively alleviate redness, enhance the skin barrier, and strength your natural surface protection.

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