Summer Skincare Essentials for Ultimate Soothing Effects: Rose Geranium

Amongst the selection of Inna Organic facial masks, our best pick for hot summer weather is definitely the Rose Geranium Soothing Facial Mask! After a long day in the heat, this mask will provide your skin with a wonderful “cooling” sensation. Interested to know how this plant-derived ingredient benefits your skin in summer? Keep reading to learn more about some of its amazing facts.

An Amiable Version of Rose - Comforting to the Body and Mind.

Rose geranium is a type of herbaceous plant or dwarf shrub native to South Africa. It is nowadays a very popular landscaping plant across the world, given its amiable characteristic of year-round blooming. Rose geranium essential oil is extracted from the leaves of rose geranium, so it isn’t a floral essential oil, possessing an elegant scent similar to that of roses.

1. Soothing to the skin

Rose geranium essential oil has the ability to soothe skin discomfort, purify pores, balance pH value, and cleanse oily and aging skin. Ancient Europeans will even utilize rose geranium to repel mosquitoes. It is a gentle essential oil suitable for all skin types. Inna Organic’s Rose Geranium Soothing Facial Mask is particularly perfect for after-sun repair or post acne treatment soothing. Thus, this mask is highly recommended for sensitive skin.

2. Pacifying the soul.

In addition to skin care, rose geranium essential oil can also appease our mood. When in depressed or negative moods, rose geranium essential oil is able to boost our emotions and relieve stress, helping us find the balance for mental wellness.

Rose Geranium + Lavender + Sweet Orange = A Charming Aromatic Oil Blend

Did you know that Inna Organic is great at sourcing essential oil blends into our skincare products? Every essential oil blend that we use contain more than three kinds of essential oils, increasing the variety and levels of aromatic scents, this also combines the variety of treatment effects – making Inna more fragrant and more effective at the same time. A great example is the following three essential oils that are make up the key ingredients of the Rose Geranium Soothing Mask:

  1. Rose geranium essential oil: elegant and rose-like sweet scent, plus a minty and fresh flavor.
  2. Lavender essential oil: pleasant and grassy, blending a touch of floral and mild tone.
  3. Sweet orange essential oil: fresh and sweet, with a cheerful vitality.

The aroma of this oil blend is fascinating and elegant. It is perfect for home fragrance, or perfuming in a bath. Mix it with carrier oils, such as macadamia oil or rose hip oil, and massage the entire body – treat yourself to a home-based SPA with the relaxing magic of Inna Organic’s rose geranium oil blend!


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