"Only Make Quality Products That I Would Use On Myself" - The Founder Talk

One of the main reasons Cecily founded Inna Organic was because she couldn't find any face masks that lived up to her standards. As a mother of two children with atopic dermatitis (a type of eczema) she made up her mind to "only make quality products that I would use on myself". Inna Organic's philosophy of "Natural, Effective and Safe" is not just a fancy brand slogan, but principles set out for EVERYONE to enjoy our skincare products with full confidence that no toxic ingredients will put our skin at risk for irritations or allergies. Another thing that separates Inna Organic from other brands is that we focus solely on the quality of our products rather than pricing competition. We believe that building a brand EVERYONE can trust is more important than being the cheapest product on the block. From day one, Inna Organic has been following these principles and will surely continue to do so in the future. 

"Only make quality products that I would use on myself", because...

1."My sons have atopic dermatitis, and my friends often had allergic reactions from face masks"

Before Cecily's first born turned three months old, he was diagnosed with atopic dermatitis, which made Cecily start to pay attention to the ingredients used in skincare products – what ingredients would cause allergic reactions? What are the so-called "safe ingredients"? Aside from being a mother of two, Cecily is also a huge fan of face masks. Her growing disappointment with the face masks on the skincare market and her friends' irritated skin conditions towards such masks opened up her imagination to search for the perfect skincare products. This mission to create products she would be proud to use and share amongst her friends eventually led her to step into the skincare business herself and make only products that are natural, safe and effective, with the hope to find a solution to alleviate atopic dermatitis symptoms.

2."Organic face masks are not only good to your skin but also to the environment, yet they are rarely found in the current skincare market."

Organic living is a way of lifestyle that not only shows our affection and appreciation to mother Earth, but also reconnects us to our purity and naturalness. However, it's been difficult to find organic face masks on the market, and that's why Cecily and Jimmy decided to make organic face masks as one of their main product lines. We believe that self-love is essential, in the meantime, treating our precious mother Earth with love doesn't hurt either.

3."Organic and safety come together to form our trustworthy formula"

Inna's co-founder, Jimmy, suggested to apply independent certifications' regulations to our products, such as EWG and COSMOS Natural / COSMOS Organic. This suggestion eventually made Inna Organic THE FIRST EWG certified brand in Taiwan, along with the COSMOS Natural/ COSMOS Organic certification. However, under the standards of both EWG and COSMOS certifications, there are many restrictions and standards to stand by when it comes to product development, which unavoidably slows down our speed to introduce new products. However, we believe that it's worth it to stand by our principles and provide our customers with natural, safe, and effective skincare products that are dually certified with high industry standards.  

"Good intention and good quality can't be measured by price", because... 

1."High-end pricing for our high-quality products."

Inna Organic has distinct pricing strategies. Even though real organic ingredients are pricey, price points we decide on are not derived based on the cost of our ingredients. On the contrary, we set our price based on other high-end cosmetic brands: We look at other high-end brands' price points and set our price lower than that. However, our goal for the products' quality is set to be three to five times better than the other high-end brands. Bottom line, we want to provide the best quality we can, knowing that our users are getting above the board quality for what they are paying for.

2."We don't play the price competition game."

When Inna Organic was first launched, Cecily wanted to build a customer base by playing the discount pricing game – we launched numerous marketing campaigns with huge discounts, which proved to be the wrong strategy attracting the wrong crowd. We realized once customers associate brands to discounts, they expect more discounts to encourage continuous purchases. This shifts customer focus from product quality to product pricing and defeats the essential spirit of the Inna Organic brand. Learning from experience, we found that quality products are not known for their discounts, but for their effectiveness. Adequate profits also allow us to strive for better products and better service to our customers in the long run.


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