3 Must-Know Skincare Tips to Spring into Spring

Spring has just arrived! Do you feel any discomfort or irritation in your skin? Every season shift - from winter to spring, autumn to winter many often suffer from sensitive reactions such as dryness, itchiness, and irritation, etc. Our skin conditions often reflect the instability of the climate shifts. Hence, the key focus for spring skincare would be restoring our skin barrier, alleviating irritation, and avoiding stimulating factors. In this post, Inna Organic would like to share with you 3 useful skincare necessities to boost your skin health in this sensitive time of the year.

1. Gentle Cleansing

Our skin tends to become more sensitive and drier between seasons. Hence, it is essential to wash your face with water at the right temperature as the first step of daily skincare routine. Cold water easily irritates our skin, whereas hot water will damage the horny layer/cornified layer (or stratum corneum), which is the outermost layer of our skin. This is the layer that protects our skin from the environment and keeps it moisturized.

As recommended by our dermatologist partners, Inna Organic suggests cleansing your skin with semi-cool water at approximately 85-90 degree. Also, avoid cleansers with strong cleansing power! When the skin is over-cleaned, the natural protection ability is weakened as well! If you feel that your skin is tight or overdried after cleansing, it means that the cleanser is too harsh on your skin and that you are exposing yourself to the risk of damaging your natural skin barrier. Take the cleansing a notch lower, trust that your body has its self-defense and self-healing ability.

Inna Organic’s Skin Purifying Cleansing Gel is formulated with natural surfactants approved by COSMOS standards, which is mild and safe to use on any skin type. It performs well in washing out everyday impurities and light makeup, leaving your complexion perfectly clean, comfortable, and refreshed.

2. Replenish Moisturization

The weather along with the temperature levels frequently fluctuate in spring. When it gets colder, our body tends to produce less sebum and the skin cannot perform well in moisture retention. Dehydrated skin easily reddens, itches, and become flaky. On the other hand, when it gets hot, our skin tends to become oily and sweaty as a result of skin imbalance. Under this circumstance, we recommend using light moisturizers to enhance skin hydration and provide balance.

Inna Organic’s Frankincense Revitalizing Face Lotion is a basic and effective skincare solution for moisturizing and soothing. On top of that, our Myrrh Deep Moisturizing Facial Mask can be an additional step before applying your daily face lotion. Myrrh brings a gentle and quick treatment to nourish your skin with an intense amount of nutrients in 10-15 minutes, balancing out the temperature swings in no time!

3. Avoid Irritating and Controversial Ingredients

Thin and sensitive skin should steer clear of any stimulants when possible. For example, decrease the usage of skincare products with irritating ingredients, over-exfoliating the skin, and preventing yourself from UV rays.

In the meantime, learning to identify clean and dirty ingredients is also vital for selfcare and health protection. The Environment Working Group (EWG) has painstakingly put together the Skin Deep® Cosmetics Database, the largest cosmetics safety database in the U.S., providing online profiles for cosmetics and personal care products and their potential hazards and health concerns with easy-to-navigate ratings. EWG even took it a step further by establishing a higher standard certification program called EWG Verified, a reliable mark recognizing products that meet EWG's strictest criteria for chemicals and toxin concerns. So, before purchasing any skincare products for yourself, checkout the Skin Deep database or look out for the EWG verified logo to ensure the well-being of your skin and body.

*Gentle Reminder for Extra-Sensitive Skin 

We highly recommend the usage of only the simplest products if you have extremely sensitive skin. Cleansing gel and lotion, that’s it! Avoid applying makeup or an excess amount of skincare products on your face for at least 1-2 months to give your skin time to reboot. BE PATIENT….. After your skin restores its natural barrier, it will be healthy enough and ready to absorb more nutrients. The time will come to start adding organic and safe masks into your skin regimen for intensive treatment after a few week’s rest.

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